Monday, January 28, 2008

Now This Is How To Do A RCIA CLASS!!!

Pass it along. From Burke to Kirk and Beyond... has a great post here at My lesson on Church History for RCIA: 20 Saints Over 20 Centuries

You know if we had perhaps just a thousand more people like him involved with RCIA Imagine all the tens of thousands upon ten of Thousands thousands of converts we would have. It is sort of like a Catholic "It's a Wonderful Life".

People like him touch so many lives they don't realize it. That is people that really take their responsibility in bringing in converts into the Church in a serious way. By the way I am looking in the mirror too and wondering why I have gotten away from being involved in RCIA the past couple of years.

I must remember. Whatever meager contributions I do for the Catholic faith here, it does not compare with the nuts and bolts human interaction that is needed. Something I think many of Catholic Bloggers need to remember


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Seen this link James?

Huckabee the best Catholic?

Domers for Huckabee

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OH yeah I saw that. I am going to put that on today