Saturday, January 26, 2008

Islamic Converts, Orthodoxy, Smoking, Baptists, Silly Conservative pundits and other Matters

Crunchy Con had several good posts this week. Since I have been involved in Funeral stuff I am now just catching up. I thought I would post some that caught my eye

I actually read this story this week. It is about how the media and in this case NPR sort of has a bias when they report religion. A real good read at Affirmative action for conservative journalists?

Can you be a Baptist Church and not follow "Baptist" doctrine? Go see Baptists? Who, us?

He is talking about something that has been on my mind. How some of the leading spoke people for Conservatism are using silly arguments to bash fellow conservatives. Go see Policing conservatism from within

Converts to Islam? This is very interesting. He talks a Russian Orthodox blogger that had one time flirted with Islam here at The Islamic Larison. Also read the follow up Update on the Islamic Larison. He goes into a interesting comment someone made on his first post. That is of a US serviceman that explain why US military folks sometimes convert to Islam.

To post that those interested in Eastern Orthodoxy might like. That is Whistling past the Orthodox graveyard. Also the pro life issue from the Eastern Orthodox viewpoint. Go see Orthodox podcasting in our time.

Oh I am going to try to quit smoking again!!! Therefore I enjoyed this posts We Were Marlboro Men Once

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