Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Catholic Classic and the GOP Nomination Fight

I so love the Anchoress. I have not visited this week because I am big Huckabe supporter. The Anchoress, who is a very good Catholic, sort of liked Fred Thompson and was not thrilled with Huckabee. A lot of the people that comment there liked him too. That sort of validates a theory of mine perhaps. That Fred Thompson was a man that we all sort of projected ourselves on and thought that was the guy. Well it turned out not to be the case

That was cool.

I just did not want to get all excited and fill her comments secton with Huckabee apologetics when someone went off on Huckabee. My tension level has been high on this issue :).

Still she is the cool calming voice. See people can support their "guy" and see the bigger picture. I think there are many more Anchoress's and Opinionated Catholics than there are the purity warriors that follow Rush Limbaugh , talk radio, and the echo chambers of the blogs. I saw a wonderful comment today on what the Anchoress was talking about over at some blog. I saved it. He said:

Oh well. This so reminds me of the Reign of Terror phase of the French Revolution with the talk show hosts playing the role of Robespierre. Purity, purity! We demand purity! Lesson it didn't end up well for those that sought purity.
How true. The Anchorees had a great post today called Attn GOP: Meet the Woodshed. A must read. This part is great and I hope it encourages you to read her whole post:
In Rumer Godden’s remarkable book In This House of Brede, the community of nuns must elect a new Abbess after the passing of a much-beloved and wise Abbess of nearly four-decades standing, and as they are pondering each likely leader, they are discontent and concerned:

Dame Agnes, Dame Maura, Dames Ursula, Beatrice, Colette, Catherine: each in turn seemed focussed in a strong light that, while it showed their virtues, showed each blemish, too, “as if none of them will do,” said Hilary.

“One must,” said Philippa. “It will resolve itself.”

Dame Ursula endorsed that…”it is very grave; so much so that it seems as if there’s no one who can fill Lady Abbess’ place, but remember God never asks us to do something without giving us the strength. Becoming Abbess will call out qualities in the one chose, that we - and she - do not think she possesses.”

“It will need to,” said Philippa…”it will be very hard coming after [the beloved predecessor]
Fill in “Lady Abbess” with Ronald Reagan (if you must) and “Becoming Abbess” with “becoming president” and there you have it. It will resolve itself, and the candidate you are so unsure of will certainly find himself or herself evolving and growing as the office demands.

Just as the great Abbey of Brede was larger than any one Abbess, America is larger than any one president. One of these candidates, bearing both virtues and blemish, must do. I cannot see that all of them are so pock-marked that their outstanding strengths must be rendered moot.
This election will, indeed, resolve itself. You itself. You can either be part of that process, helping the matter resolve in America’s best interests, or you can be the displeased, bench-sitting inveterate, clinging to a ticket to “Perfection-land” while bus after bus passes you by. America is not going to wait for you; while you dither and sniffle, she is moving forward. If you want any say at all as to where she goes, you cannot remain seated on your bench

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