Thursday, January 17, 2008

Regarding Posting today and Tonight

Whooa it does seem like I am catching something. I shall be posting tonight if I am up to it,

Look for a Louisiana Catholic blogger update

A post about Cardinal John Newman's Grave

A Special message for Republicans to Vote the Elephant no matter what

More Huckaee postings , including one where I go critical on a issue with him. I know You are shocked

More election Stuff and what ever catches my eye.

I am off to the Drugstore


Anonymous said...

James, it sounds like you need some ginger tea:

several slices off of a (preferably organic) fresh (not spiced) ginger root.

one bulb (the white part) from a green onion (the long green ones).

Boil that up with a few-four cups of water ... and after it's boiled awhile, drain off a cup and drink.

It's a great intense! beverage that will make you feel a whole lot better in minutes. Good for when you're stuffy, coming down with flu, etc.

Fighting Irish Thomas
Domers for Huckabee

P.S. Are you familiar with K Street Mole for Huckabee? It's another Catholic blogger for Huckabee.

James H said...

Great blog

James H said...

Great blog