Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Results Show that Republicans Must Compriomise on Immigration

I went into this in some detail at my post Republican South Carolina Polls Show We Must Compromise on Immigration .

After that post I looked at the Exit poll numbers of Michigan and New Hampshire more closely. In those elections McCain so called MR AMNESTY got 25 percent of the voters that wanted to deport them all. John McCain seems to get 25 percent no matter where he goes. Last night he 25 percent of those hardliners again according to the Florida Exit polls. Thus showing me that the fire on this issue as to no compromise is not one these "vote getters".

Florida is of unique because of the large Latino population that is more friendly to immigration reform. In fact I am convinced that vote is what got him in. For those that say wel that is kust Florida let me remind my GOP friends. If we don't win Florida we very likely do not win the WHite House. Let us look at the CNN exits.

Here are the numbers
How To Handle Illegal Immigrants-
These were the overall numbers in the Republican primary-
Path to Citizenship (29%) Temporary Worker(29%) and Deport Them(40%)

We see here a state where the hardline view fails by a substantial margin

How did the Top four do. Go here to this page to see the results. Huckabee splits all groups again. However McCain is still getting a healthy 26 percent of the hardline crowd. Romney got 38 percent of the hardliners.

May I suggest this is more evidence that a HARDLINE do not compromise approach is a political failure

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