Friday, January 18, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update for Jan 18th

I am still feeling under the weather but I promised to get this Catholic Blogger update out. SO we shall rush through this before my aches and fever comes back. By the way, I can't help but notice Louisiana Catholic bloggers have been on the whole a tad lazy updating this week. What gives.

Maudie in Mandeville thankfully has updated. She has a post of a political nature called Schwarzenegger, the new Chris Farley

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has under today''s entry An excellent article on the question of facing the altar vs. facing the people. Yesterday he had a entry entitled Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Saints, Theologians, and Curia Respond.

From The Recamier is not falling down on the job. She has her update here. She starts out with the Saint of the day Saint Anthony, Abbot (died 356) who we honored on the 17th. On and we learn today is Louisiana Arbor Day among many other fun facts.

Catholic Underground has updated with their new podcast. I shall pr bally give both of their new entries separate post again. First their new podcast is CU Episode 65: You Don’t Say . The description is "In this episode, we talk about a new Catholic Pro-Life Film Festival, our picks of the week, we introduce a new segment called the cu subway, answer some backChat, news about CatholiCon, our long lost live show, and the usual cutting up." They have their shownotes here at
Episode 65 Shownotes. I also wanted to point at this cool post of theirs. Digital Liturgical Calendar Goodness. Too cool. More on this later

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has a post Feast of Saint Anthony Egypt (17 Jan 2008). Very good observations on the abortion issue.

Alive and Young has some posts up. Go see Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? . Also this postAlmost Thomist: Is Chivalry Dead? . I love this prolife themed pic at This is My Body. On my gosh I am pumped look with screenshots X-Files 2 . . . the movie . He has a post about Just Sex . He is doing a Ash Wednesday Day of Reflection flyer. take a look.

A cereal box with a Political theme here at Killogg's . Check out this post Homophobia

Footprints on the Fridge has updated at Hi Ho! Hi Ho! and Little Bit of Everything

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks is announcing her Book Walk Winners.

Lastly the The Brown Pelican Society has a ton of links dealing with the Saint of the day, the Readings, and political and cultural, and pro life news items we need to know He has about 10 posts just for today. Check them out!!!!!


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Well, for my laziness I have the first week of classes and a 104.4 degree fever as my excuses. I hope that's sufficient :)

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