Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Vatican is in a full-court ecumenical press

This article shall be a preview of today's coming attractions perhaps. When I get to my faster computer, I am going to hopefully be posting pics and more articles from Italy on that is in the following article. John Allen has a excellent article in the not very excellent National Catholic Reporter (IMHO) called The Vatican in full-court ecumenical press.

Today was the end of Christian Unity Week and Pope Benedict closed out the week with ecumenical vespers at St Paul outside the Walls. Of course I think the entire year is going to be Christian Unity year because of the Pauline year.

That is a good thing. I think some Catholics at time get nervous when they hear the word "ecumenical". IN the past it was often just code for "watered down" Catholicism. Also the people that were spreading the gospel of "ecumenical unity" here in the United States seemed to be very one sided on whom we were trying to be "ecumenical" with. For instance Eastern Orthodox were not very high on their list. Churches that endorsed gay liturgy, female clergy , and spent 100 percent of their time on Social gospel issues were high.

I do think though with Pope Benedict taking such an active role that some Catholics will feel more at ease. The key will be to find guidance from Rome and see their example. John Allen's article is a good place to start. More later

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