Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Times Picyaune Columnist- Time For Anti Catholic Monk Casket Making Protectionism Louisiana Law To Go

A little update on that case that is pitting the Louisiana funeral lobby vs some Catholics monks north of New Orleans. It's been sent to the Louisiana Supreme Court by the Federal Fifth Circuit..

This case has rightly gardnered some national attention. A New Orleans columnist today it's time for this crony protecting law to be buried and sticks up for the Monks.

See Casket law Louisiana monks are challenging ought to be killed off: Jarvis DeBerry

The 5th Circuit opinion that is referenced in that piece can be read here.


Anonymous said...

Leave the monks alone, they have a right to make their products!!!!

Rick67 said...

Death to such rank protectionism.

Can I say that?

Anonymous said...

Funerals are one of the most sleazy industries that exist. They make their money by preying on the emotions of the bereaved, and have paid off the politicians to make laws protecting their monopolies. I have left advance directives that when I leave the body, my earthly remains are not to be embalmed and nothing is to be done to interfer with the body decaying back into the earth in the natural way that God intended. They are to put the body in a body bag which costs $150, but appears to be worth about $20, take it directly to the family plot and bury it in a wooden grave liner which cost $310, but appears to be worth about $50. Plus the listed current cost for this "immediate burial without ceremony" is $1,670 plus $395 for opening & closing the grave by machine. This totals $2,525 for simply putting my dead body in a body bag, taking it to the graveyard, and burying it in a rough wooden crate. These people are crooks, and I have warned my family that these crooks will be telling them that this is not a decent burial, this is not a Christian burial, this is not dignified, this is shameful, this is an embarrassment to your family, etc., to try to get many thousands of more dollars out of them.