Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is the Louisiana Supreme Court Racist ?

Jame Gill is talking about the Louisiana Supreme Court fracas at Louisiana Supreme Court still drawing lines based on race: James Gill .

While he says in one line its can be debatable that their position on who should be Chief Justice is based on race that is not really the tone of his piece. That can be seen with the last line of the piece.

One thing I have noticed in all this is no real reporting. Generally  I see an assumption that the Justices legal case has no merit, interviews with people that very much have a self interest in returning the Chief Justice seat back to New Orleans, and talk of race race race.

So what is going on here? Is it race, is it a vast personality conflict, its it they think Justice,  Bernette Johnson is out to lunch and would be a disaster thus the legal  calculation argument. We don't really know.

I have yet to see any articles that source on background workers for the court or in fact what must a huge number of Law Clerks that must have observed the interaction over the years.

The media is not very good at covering the Louisiana Supreme Court. In North East Louisiana it was mostly insiders that knew Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor was in some people's view quite a piece of work.
It took an election challenge to Senator David Vitter to just bring a good bit of that.

In other words it seems to be the reporting has been very lazy on this issue. The racial issue in the air is such low hanging fruit that most reporters have not seemed to want dig further.At the very least if race is a factor it seems after decades on the court some sources on the court could be brought forth to see bring this evidence out.

Maybe race is at play? Just seems reporters are not interested in doing any real hard reporting to confirm or deny it to me.

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