Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Newspaper of the Florida Baptist Convention Strong Editorial Against HHS Contraception Mandate

It sort of seems I have a flurry of post dealing with Baptists this morning. See LSU Edits Out Crosses From Group Photo of Devoted Baptist Campus College Ministry Football Fans , and more to the point of this post President of East Texas Baptist University Interviewed On Suit Against HHS Contraception Mandate ( Religious Liberty ) .

When the Southern Baptist Convention met in New Orleans the delegates ( messengers) voted a strong resolution against the HHS Contraception Mandate. Southern Baptist and especially their leadership have within their DNA a strong attachment to religious liberty. The memories of colonial persecution in places like Virgina and elsewhere still have a  strong living memory at the SBC.

So on that note the paper of the The Florida Baptist Convention issues a strong strong  op ed against the HHS Contraception mandate. See Editorial: ‘Sinful and tyrannical’


Unknown said...

Rallies agains the HHS birth control mandate will be held in more than 140 cities nationwide on October 20.

Let's all make our voices heard!

James H said...

Thanks for the reminder