Friday, October 12, 2012

The Missing Women In Guardian Piece on Paul Ryan and Abortion

Over at the Guardian we have this little piece called Paul Ryan on abortion: not so much 'reason and science' as stealth misogyny-What bothers me about male politicians pronouncing on abortion is their basic lack of empathy with a woman's point of view.

Something happens in this is piece that is so common many just I have guessed  we decided not to press the issue anymore.

Much of the leadership of the Pro-life movement is WOMEN. The people in the trenches of the Pro-life movement are WOMEN. Many of the people that keep the fire under politicians like Paul Ryan are WOMEN. If you go the National March for Life in D.C I bet there might be more WOMEN  than men.

From issues like the HHS Contraception mandate to abortion this women  on side vs men on the other meme that so many wish to push is not the reality.


Anonymous said...

The Democratic platform serves the poor ignorant women who are incapable of controlling their physical appetites. They will tell us what to eat and how much, they will tell us what we are capable of learning in traditional schools, and they will rescue us when we lack the self control to control our passions. The democratic platform assumes women are stupid and in need of rescue. Save me please.

Unknown said...

Rallies against the HHS mandate will take place in more than 140 cities across the nation tomorrow, Saturday, October 20.

Rally locations:

Let’s all make our voices heard!