Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts On Lose Your Virginity Vote For Obama Ad

I think across many American demographics many had a WHAT THE HELL moment as to what they just saw.
I watched it a couple times just to make sure it was not some unofficial parody

It's the kind of thing the ROMNEY campaign would like to pay and play  200 times a day.

It is creepy.

It appears that the Obama campaign has given up on trying to appeal to the religious vote.

I don't think even it's intended audience of perhaps young women will be affected by it.

I can't imagine any Democratic consultant of any competence would have approved this

But here is my real problem.

The jaw dropping line with the whole herd mentalility about you don't want to be sort of the uncool one that did not do "it" because you were not ready. I was very shocked that got through. I don't consider myself prudish at all . But this seems to be a very crass ad. Its going to be interesting to see how progressive Christians react to it. I expect many have the same reaction  I do. However will the course be just to pretend it never happened.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable and so creepy I am speehless!