Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Church Property Action Or Lack There of At U.S. Supreme Court- New Orleans Louisiana Presbyterian Case

I am follow a good bit the interesting Church Property litigation that is happening across the country. Right now a good bit of the action is with the Episcopal Church USA and  Presbyterian congregation.s

The Supreme Court denied cert in the big case of  Presbytery of of South Louisiana v. Carrollton Presbyterian Church, (Docket No. 11-1393).

Religion Clause has a post up on this at Supreme Court Term Opens With Several Items of Interest . In that post there is a good link giving some info to the background issues and especially the controversial  Dennis Canon aspects.

Now as usual the fact that Supreme Court denied cert only gives us some very limited tea leaves to read. The Court has denied cert in cases where courts have come up with various different applications of Dennis Canon and other related issues.

I do think at some point thought SCOTUS will have to take up a case somewhere to bring some clarity. I suspect two major pieces of litigation involving the Episcopal Church in the state of Texas might be that avenue perhaps in the future


Undergroundpewster said...

That is good news for Carrollton Presbyterian. (I was a cub scout there).

James H said...

Ahh that is a cool sort of connection

john iliff said...

Here is a trustworthy resource - with abundant background material - relating to the Episcopalian property wars etc. etc.:

Mr. Haley's blog has been a real "eye opener" for many in "TEC"/ECUSA.