Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LSU Edits Out Crosses From Group Photo of Devoted Baptist Campus College Ministry Football Fans

See University broadcasts airbrushed photo, upsets religious students .

This part interested me :

It was within the University’s legal rights to manipulate the photo, Vincent said.

When students purchase football tickets, they grant the University the right to use their names and any pictures taken during the game for any University purposes.

LSU Sports Information photographer and biological engineering senior Martin McCallister took the photograph.

“As a photographer, I submit a raw .jpeg file, untouched,” McCallister said. “I just submit whatever comes off the camera.”

After photographers submit their shots, Vincent said LSU Athletics commonly edits photos. For example, if a football player’s jersey is wrinkled in a photo LSU Athletics wants to use on the front of a brochure, they’ll edit out the crease.

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Andy said...

Universities are notorious for this. If it a simple issue of a creased uniform, that is one thing. To alter what is depicted for political purposes has serious Stalinist overtones to it. When I was at Ole Miss in the mid-90s the school routinely edited all rebel flags to all-red airbrushed flags. Regardless of one's thoughts on the rebel flag, the picture showing a bunch of fans waiving all red flags was simply weird. I saw this blog entry a while back: No surprise 3 of the 11 odd photoshop examples are from universities.