Monday, June 3, 2013

So Your Catholic Parish Catechesis Sucks Wind - What To Do About It

I touched on over the weekend on the very good article by Barbara Nicolosi How to Fix Failing Parish Catechesis at my post Rod Dreher 's Not So Great LSU Catholic Campus Experience ( Dumbing Down God )

So the response could be stop the complaining what do we do it about. As to the Parish level Micah Murphy from the Diocese of Shreveport has some very good practical suggestions. See How to Fix Failing Parish Catechesis .

I would add two things. Though it is a fantasy I suppose I would love to see repeated attempts to have a sort of an adult Sunday school . While it is true we are often very BUSY BUSY BUSY Sunday morning is a time where our options to do things are more limited.

Second  I do think we need to resist the temptation from Mass Jumping from parish to parish each week. This is mainly a problem of course in urban areas and if you have a child exempted from the obligations of CCD Classes ( a questionable policy ) you very well might be all over the city. I want to sleep in so I will go to the Noon Mass here or even Sunday evening Mass there . Lets just " get this out of the way" and go to the Saturday Vigil Mass downtown  etc.. I have to admit when I was in an urban area I was one of the worst offenders as to this. I think this does play a role in a sense of community and obligation thereof as to Parish education.


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Are you sure Micah is from the Shreveport diocese?