Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Iowans & Mississippians Moved To Tears At Iowa Monument Rededication In Vicksburg Mississippi

Just for the fun of it I have been watching the various Mississippi City elections tonight. While doing so I happened upon a very nice article relating to the Vicksburg military park. The park at Vicksburg is a favorite of mine and I have made the drive over to see it many times.

The park has some very impressive monuments. Including the impressive Iowa one .

The Iowa monument last week was rededicated after going over some much needed restorations. I suspect with the rampant copper thefts its a full time job just making sure many of these monuments don't all disappear !!

The Iowa Governor was present for this event. Former Governor of Mississippi gave quite a speech for the event that I think is really worth a read. See Gov. Haley Barbour moved us to tears, and cried a little himself

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