Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Response to Commonweal Post On Supreme Court and the Votings Right Act

Commonweal has a post up on the Supreme Court opinion that now invalidates Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and matters dealing with Pre Clearance. See Scalia: Chief Judicial Activist? The case tht Scalia is a Judicial Activist is never really made unless one buys that the argument that anytime a law is overturned a person is being a judicial activist.

Opinions can and will differ as to what the Supreme Court did today. I have been of the opinon that the evils are starting the outweight the good as to maintaining the status quo.

Among other things its does seems seem packing every minority one can in district has resulted in both parties electing people that are slighlty more partisan and tilt to the hard left or right. Its also functions as impediment to building local coalitions in elections. It is also very expensive and for every political sub division to have comply with.


Rick67 said...

Did you notice this little bombshell in a comment by the excellent Rod Dreher?

"If I were the only white person at our Orthodox parish, I would still worship there."


Rick67 said...

Ah - perusing his blog it appears he has made several references to this before. Not exactly a bombshell.

James H said...

I just saw that lol

Rick67 said...

I know something about this mission parish. (Want to be careful not to say too much.) I am very familiar with St Matthew the Apostle Orthodox Church and its priest Fr Mark.

OCA was reluctant to start another mission church in St Francisville - competing (not intentionally) with St Matthew's in Baton Rouge. So St John's is under ROCOR.

This is the sort of thing with which Orthodox Christianity in North America struggles. If one jurisdiction says "no" - go talk to another.