Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting to Know and Love The Pharisees Again

I have had a rather conflicted relationships with the Pharisees and how that group of people in history have been used

 When I became a Catholic the term Pharisees was often linked to the Catholic Church ( rules ritual religion bad ) vs other " true " Christianity ( relationship no religion , no rules /no  laws  good ).

Later at times the use of Pharisees seems to be popular in a perverted way of getting rid of some sins. The hypocrisy label goes away if we can take x out of the sin discussion .

Related to that is in both secular and Christian circles throwing out the Pharisees label is the ultimate attempt at a discussion stopper. On heated but important issues that Christians must engage in the Pharisees too often seem to be thrown out there as a trump card and not to illuminate.

Finally I can't help but notice that a good many people that relish putting that term on other people are well kinda of jerks.

With all that being said it seemed at the times the Pharisees were getting a bad rap and from my Bible reading perhaps their reputation was not entirely correct. In other words there perhaps was some cultural baggage I was bringing into all this. That is why I have some interest in what this Messianic Jew posted not too long ago. See his post PHARISEES and a follow up at WHY PHARISEES MATTER .

Now I am not interested in getting into all the replacement Theology, supersessionism etc issues. However I am interested in the historical background as to the truth of the Pharisees in the Biblical age . I think that helps illuminates some of the scriptures perhaps.

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