Monday, June 3, 2013

Will the New York City Mayor 's Race Cause Waves For Senator David Vitter ( Robert Mann Column )

Politics time.

Robert Mann has an interesting column up on if the high profile New York City Mayors race will create some significant waves for Senator David Vitter is he runs for Governor of Louisiana.

I think he largely correct the Vitter staff should not think they are in the clear yet. It was not a huge factor it appears when Vitter ran for reelection a couple of years back though the Democratic operatives on social media pushed it a good bit . However that was an very anti National Democratic and Obama election where even in the Democratic primary with Congressman Melancon some no name democrats carried some Louisiana Parish as no doubt what was a protest vote .

On the other Vitter has not the past few years been hiding in D.C. or just appearing at events he could control. Vitter has been good at doing town hall meetings in all the Parishes where the questions are not screened at all. While he has a prepared answer to the prostitution scandal ( I made a mistake ) few folks seemed to have wanted to go there. As I have stated many times Louisiana voters seem pretty forgiving of the sins of the flesh and perhaps thinks that Vitter has suffered enough for his sins.

Still I think Mann is right Vitter is not quite out of the woods on this yet , though I suspect the consultants that get paid the big bucks have plans how to handle this. The New York City mayor's race is perhaps a distraction Vitter would not like to have as he prepared to run.


Jim said...

I think if he's smart he will stay in the Senate, just my opinion. The more I see of Jay Dardenne, the more I like him for governor.

James H said...

I have to admit I like Dardenne a goood bit and part of me thinks hos personality is better suited for Governor than Vitter