Monday, June 3, 2013

Is Demanding Muslims Transport Jack Daniels Worth Loss of Religious Liberty Protections ?

I have to say this really baffles me. Even if one thinks ISLAM is threat number 1 its hard to see how just numbers wise its a huge threat in the USA. I mean we just don't have the migration patterns to justify such an alarm.

Still it seems too many conservatives leaning folks from the way the 911 mosque inscident was handled to over broad anti Sharia law seems hell bent in going on a course of action that in the end I fear could set precedents that jeopardize Christian as well as everyone else's religious liberty.

Case in point the lastest outrage over some Muslims not having to transport booze or beer!!!

This needed legal voice tries to talk folks off the ledge here.


Unknown said...

That's right, I think: The precedent Christians fight could wind up weighing against us somewhere down the line. After all, it is the same law that is supposed to be applied across the board.

It's that "undue hardship" part that's the tough part. If this were a mom-and-pop trucking company, or a trucking company that just delivered Budweiser, then an accommodation probably would be... undue.

It seems a good thing for employers to leave room for an employee's faith where they can!

James H said...

Katy . I agree it is very fact specific. my objection is some go hey I don't like muslims rule against them. Its very un american

Anonymous said...
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