Monday, January 28, 2013

No Sexual Relations For Soon To Be Married Catholic Priest and Wife

Interesting story out of New York. Canon Lawyer Edward Peters has the link and makes some comments about some misconceptions related to this and the need to clarify Canon Law in this matter. See Dcn. John Cornelius and his wife Sheryl are doing a praiseworthy thing

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Mark Spears said...

Well, don't you imagine that this man is probably a closeted homosexual anyway, and that is why he has left the Episcopal so-called "church" in the first place? The vast majority of the hate-mongers are closeted homosexuals who are hiding in the so-called churches. When the Episcopalians started letting the light of truth shine in their organization, the closet-case hate mongers are having to scramble back to the darkness. You have a link on this blog to another blog called "The Redneck Catholic" where the man says that he tried to become a Catholic priest, but when he got to the semenary, he could not fit in with the "sodomite" culture of the place, and that inasmuch as he was not willing to become a "sodomite", he could not be a Catholic priest. I doubt that this man and his so-called "wife" are giving up anything. How does anybody keep from laughing in their faces when they are taking their so-called "vows of celibacy", when they know that they have to hide their children from them to prevent them from being raped?