Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Got News Secular Media - Leader of Episcopal Church Links Bishop To School Shooters

To say the dispute with the departed Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina and the National  Episcopal Church USA is tense is an understatement.

Still these remarks from Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori seem harsh :

I tell you that story because it’s indicative of attitudes we’ve seen here and in many other places. Somebody decides he knows the law, and oversteps whatever authority he may have to dictate the fate of others who may in fact be obeying the law, and often a law for which this local tyrant is not the judge. It’s not too far from that kind of attitude to citizens’ militias deciding to patrol their towns or the Mexican border for unwelcome visitors. It’s not terribly far from the state of mind evidenced in school shootings, or in those who want to arm school children, or the terrorism that takes oil workers hostage.

Now as they say the best offense is the best defense. I also there can be fair discussion as we examine both the Church court and civil court litigation about who is being a tyrant in all this mess. It all depends what camp you are in I suppose.

Still describing and linking Bishop Lawrence and other departing Episcopalians to terrorists and indeed  to the so fresh image of  the recent school shooting seems news worthy.

This is all over the Anglican related religion sites that no doubt many people in the secular press monitor. No matter who ones thinks is the tyrant here I am going to watch if this hits the secular press.

Usually when a male often conservative Catholic or Evangelical uses such language about a politico or another Christian leader its news and not just in the religious press.

I have a feeling because Schori is a female, progressive , and many of the media might agree with her views there might be a temptation not to report this .

Maybe I will be wrong but a quick google news search shows me not much interest yet.


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