Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama Should Choose Former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco As Envoy To Holy See ( Vatican )

Lots of discussion over perhaps the limited choices that Obama might have in an acceptable pick to all sides to replace the outgoing  Vatican envoy.

Why not former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco?

She is devoted to her Church and the public life
She is from a State of historic Catholic influence
She is a life long and devoted democrat.
She has excellent pro life credentials
She would have the support of both Senators from Louisiana that will help ease her nomination
She is a quality selection for an important post
The Holy See would have no objection
It is hard to see any faction of American Catholicism objecting to any degree
She would be good at it

Some have mentioned Congressman Rep  Dan Lipinski which would be a good pick.

However there are some political problems. First Obama might not want to open up this seat to a strong GOP challenger. Second pro life democrats are not thrilled one of their own would no longer be there.

PROBLEM solved with Blanco for everyone.

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