Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Catholic Dorm Movement At Secular Universities Gets Noted By the Huff Post

See Catholic Dorms To Debut At Texas A&M University And Florida Institute of Technology, Both Secular Schools .

The Huff post may not realize this but a similar undertaking  is being undertaken as we speak at a  public university in Alabama. See my post from earlier this year In Deep South Alabama Troy University Partners With Catholic Church On New Residence Hall For Students . It appears that the Newman Fund that is referenced in the article above has a connection to Troy .

I don't think the Newman Fund is involved in this but I note that at the University of Nebraska the Newman Catholic center massive expansion project involves the building of Catholic Fraternity house with it appears a Catholic Sorority house on the way. While there appears to be no Government partnership as perhaps as intimate as that in the article above it does show a " Catholic Living Space " on campus is happening in various forms around the nation.

As to the Newman group mentioned that appears to be mover in the Catholic dorm movement their web site is here.

Update II- The Newman Group Housing Fund has their own web page here.

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