Monday, January 7, 2013

Catholic University of American New Business And Economics School Will Have Ethics & Religious Values Instruction - A Suggestion

The Wall Street Journal has this article up B-School Mixes Faith and Finance Catholic University's New Program Will Infuse Courses With Instruction in Virtues.

I hope they incorporate the very useful  and practical Vatican document “Vocation of the Business Leader” .

John Allen I think had a good article this past April on how practical this document was in his article A Vatican document to make Socrates proud .

As he pointed out near the conclusion of his article:

“Vocation of the Business Leader” may thus be that rarest of Vatican texts: Something that isn’t just dissected by vaticanisti and other denizens of the church’s chattering classes, but actually used out in the field. One can imagine, for instance, retreats for business leaders organized around the document, culminating in the examination of conscience it invites. One also hopes it becomes a cornerstone of business education, especially in Catholic venues. There are some 1,800 church-affiliated colleges and universities worldwide, roughly 800 of which have business programs, and this text would be a compelling addition to their curricula.

To return to where we began, the real novelty of “Vocation of the Business Leader” is that it manages to bring Catholic social teaching down to earth without actually floating a single concrete policy proposal. Instead, it asks hard questions and trusts people of intelligence and good will to figure out the right answers.

Socrates would be proud.


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