Thursday, December 6, 2012

Former Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis Will Help Jimmy Carter & Other Elders Push For Female Priesthood & Baptist Pastors

Update - A link has been fixed

An interesting development today. From the Elders news release .

The Elders are delighted to announce the appointment of Lesley-Anne Knight as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As CEO, Lesley-Anne Knight will manage the London-based staff and foundation that supports the work of the Elders. She will take up her appointment on 2 January 2013.

Lesley-Anne Knight was previously Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation of 165 Catholic development and humanitarian organisations. In this role she was responsible for strategic planning, policy and advocacy, and the global coordination of the Caritas response to humanitarian emergencies as a result of natural disasters, famine and conflict. She was the first woman to be appointed to the position.....

There is much more there at that  news release including quite an endorsement  from Desmond Tutu. Now the Elders is an interesting group which include as one of the elders JIMMY CARTER.

Let me say from the start one can , as I do , find oneself in agreement with some  of the Elders goals.

However in 2009 THE ELDERS raised some eyebrows with a statement here Religious and traditional practices discriminate against women and girls -The Elders call on men and boys, particularly religious and traditional leaders, to change harmful and discriminatory practices against women and girls and join the struggle to promote and protect gender equality.

Jimmy Carter   has been the most explicit that this means that Catholic Church needs to have Female Catholic Priests, Bishops, heck even Popes perhaps , and Baptists need female Pastors.

 See my post Jimmy Carter Compared John Paul II to Ayatollah Khomeini ( Tense 1978 Pope/ Carter 1978 Meeting ? )

In fact on their web site we see this vid Catholicism and tradition subjugate women to 'second class' status

It's not just Jimmy Carter of course but he is interesting because he brought this matter up with the Pope John Paul the II back in the 70's. Why I am not sure since he does seem to be of a faith that believes in apostolic ssuccession , or for that matter the ssacrament of oordination performs any sort of real change in a person.

Still Carter and the rest of the elders feel that because the Catholics and Orthodox don't ordain females the result isfemales get killed.

Now again this is not the only thing the Elders promote and much of which I can get on board with. However this seems a tad problematic. Still this will be part of  Lesley-Anne Knight  duties to promote it appears.

Returning to Lesley Knight she was subject of much controversy recently at the highest levels of Catholicism with factions being pro and con about here.

See Cardinal Bertone may be right to block the head of Caritas: but the way he has done it is a massive own goal and Vatican Imposes New Controls on Charity Federation to get just a glimpse  ,

Anyway a sort of interesting turn in this Catholic controversy coming in a week when the Pope has issued new guideline on the subject of Catholic Charity


Anonymous said...

The big mistake was in giving us the right to vote in 1920! Those who were alive back then should have been able to see that it was a slippery slope, and that if you did something like that to make women think they might be human, sooner or later we would be demanding equality in every area of life.

James H said...

I am not sure what the vote has to do with Sacraments of Holy Orders?

Anonymous said...

I would bet you probably also did not understand back in 7th grade when you were told that if A=B, and B=C, then A=C. It is called logic. But I am sure that you strongly objected that if A=C, then you would have been told that in the first place instead of being expected to figure it out on the previous knowledge that A=B and B=C.