Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As More Facts Come In Will American Media Update Viewers on the Ireland Savita " Abortion " Story

When the tragic death of  Savita Halappananvar in Ireland came into the news I decided to take a stand back approach for a while.

The reasons for that are :

-I find some of Europeans press to be a tad sensational on their first reports of these matters

-There is also a brand of advocacy journalism in Europe with newspapers taking different positions  in reporting that is not always apparent to Americans

-if it involves the Catholic Church it is even more sensational

-If it involves the Catholic Church in Ireland reported by Irish Press the current climate dictates caution

Also it did not take long get indications that not all was it as seemed perhaps.

One thing I found quite odd was how quick this was leading the American Network news as their lead story. It turns out there is a lot more to this story than we knew and now it involves some journalism ethics !!

Get Religion has a look at this abortion controversy and provides some good links at  Savita’s tragic death and media ethics .

The question is now shall we see updates from all those American networks who seemed to be taking the pro abortion forces talking points as the facts.

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