Monday, June 25, 2012

Italian Newspaper Looks At The Vatican Hiring of Fox Journalist Greg Burke For Media Relations

Andrea Tornielli of the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa has an article up on the hiring of Fox Journalist Greg Burke to aid the Holy See with media relations.

See Vatican hires American spin doctor - The Vatican has hired American journalist Greg Burke to batten down the hatches after the recent media storm.

I am not sure Mr Burke would like being called a "spin doctor" but as you can tell from the piece this seems to be regarded perhaps as a very good thing.

I agree.

 The Vatican Press office and other related organs has been one unholy mess for as long as I can recall in getting their message out.

 It is a never ending one step forward two steps back process it seems. I have often said the Vatican should pay Vatican and Catholic reporter John Allen anything he wants and put him in charge.

Burke though is a good start.

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