Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does Justice Ginsburg Light Joking Mood Indicate Obamacare Survived ?

Either tomorrow or this coming monday we shall the fate of the afforable health care aka Obmacare when the Supreme Court rules.

I am rooting for it to be overturned because if upheld there will be apparently no limits on congressional power via the commerce clause. Further if the whole thing is overturned the religious liberty issues of the HHS contraception mandate all go away. The other option is the individual mandate could be thrown out even though the future war on the HHS mandate will continue. Of course the third option is it is all ruled as valid.

There was some thoughts that the Court's vote had been leaked by how many inportant legal experts were acting. I think this is less possible now. I think it was just a unseemly appeal to influence Roberts and Kennedy. Also some conservative legal experts of note should have been able to confirm that now if it was now "common knowledge:

Reading tea leaves of a Supreme Court oral argument is often folly. So while many people think the Court will throw out part of the Obama Care legislation it very well might not happen.

That being said someone else has picked up the light joking jovial mood of Justice Ginsburg in remarks she made a few days ago. See
If You Really Wanted to Read the Tea Leaves from Justice Ginsburg’s Speech at the ACS….

Again that could be nothing  but it is has had me worried too.

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