Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Leading Southern Baptist Leader Says Contraception Culture Must Be Questioned

I am still in the midst of computer chaos with my computer in the shop so I am still catching up the best I can on the news.

Wheat and Weeds highlights a very important piece by Southern Baptist Leader Dr Albert Mohler at
The End of the Reformation, Cont'd where Dr Mohler talks some hard truths about contraception.

This is not exactly new to some degree. Dr Mohler and people like Dr Russell Moore another important Southern Baptist Leader have made similar points for a while now. Among Evangelicals of course there is a movement around this issue. I talked to  the lady that teaches Natural Family Planning for the Diocese of Memphis and she told me her classes has more Evangelicals than Catholics sometimes.

However it is still very significant. Because of the nature of the Southern Baptist Church and it being part of the very mainsteam culture ( they arrived about the same time Catholics did in some ways ) this is not a easy or sometimes welcome message.

Wheat and Weeds notes perhaps discomfort with Mohler as to the Natural Law issue. But I would say that there has been some earnest important discussion on this issue with Catholic. In fact Dr. Moore is very close to people like Catholic Prof Robert George.

A few years ago there was excellent conference where Evangelicals, Baptists, and Catholics came together to discuss this topic of Natural . That was the Making Men Conference whose audio presentations are all worth a listen too. Dr Moore was one of the participants as you can see.

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