Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Democrats For Life Raise Objection To HHS Contraception Mandate

The  Democrats for Life are keying in on what have got many Catholic and Non Catholics going beserk. See via Mirrors of Justice Democrats for Life Comment on the Contraception Mandate .

The definition, unprecedented in federal law in its narrowness, fails to give equal respect to the activities of service, mercy, and justice that lie at the core of religious practice for many faiths........

....The adoption of this language in the Code of Federal Regulations, even as part of a two-tiered set of accommodations, would legitimate it in future situations. The March ANPRM also stated that “whatever definition of religious organization is adopted will not be applied with respect to any other provision of the PHS Act, ERISA, or the Code, nor is it intended to set a precedent for any other purpose.” This assurance is inadequate, as the history of this debate teaches. [Some case analysis here...] Just as the mandate with minimal exemption was bootstrapped from narrower state laws to a far broader federal mandate, it likely will be bootstrapped later to other federal statutes. HHS, having legitimized the minimal exemption by introducing it into federal law, will have no way of stopping others from using it as a precedent.
Exactly!! Let us assume that the powers that be in the Obama administration are telling the truth here about this being a ONE TIME THING. The problem is Obama is not a Monarch ruling for life. Administrations will come and go and this precedent will be out there.

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