Monday, June 25, 2012

Prominent Female Catholic Conservative Voice Gives Kudos To Nuns On the Bus

The Nuns on the Bus which is linked to the Catholic Social Justice lobby NETWORK is rolling along.

I have to say the bus tour has had some unexpected benefits. One being the focus is very much on the proposed Ryan Budget instead of overheated comments on the Vatican and implications the Fortnight of Freedom to protect religious liberty being  just silly.

I thought that was a crucial mistake for many reasons. One being  that while Catholics might disagree with some economic policies of Nun on the Bus a lot of " traditional " Catholics actually support many of their efforts on a local level with time and money. So talking about the Ryan Budget I think has helped to bring in a needed time out on words regarding internal Church matters that Non Catholics with agendas were taking full advantage of in many ways.

Second, the nuns need to be out there. I sort of get their viewpoint and it's very practical. They are acting like any other group that can read the signs of the time and see budget cuts are on the way no matter what. So like every other group you dig in , raise holy hell, bring up the importance of what you are doing and save what you can.

Third, they play a role in the discussion of Catholic Social Justice and it's application. JUST LIKE PAUL RYAN DOES.

On that note I think its important to point out a major female conservative columnist gave the nuns on the bus so respect . See at National Review :

Without Freedom No One’s Got a Prayer Prudential arguments point to the common good.

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