Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THe Leader of the Episcopal Church Talks To her Priests In Dallas

Tip of the hat to RED STICK RANT and his post Inch By Inch (At A Time), Row By Row, I'm Gonna Make This Church Not Grow. which led me to this.

Standard Disclaimer- I love Anglicans and I am just counting the days when this historic community does not have to suffer the leadership of "Bishop" Katherine Jefferts Schori. I thought the last presiding Bishop was a real doozy but she takes the cake. If I had one of those Anglican Use Parishes where the Mass was sort of like the Book of Common Prayer, I would be there on most Sundays.

Needless to say there will be no return to the Anglo-Catholic roots of this tradition while she is in charge. In fact there might be an end to the ANGLICAN COMMUNION tradition itself because of her leadership. Something that would not be a good thing IMHO for the US Anglican Church .That also means that I will have less and less Episcopal buds to hang out with since in the south many of us view each other as sort of cousins

Anyway this Deacon blogger went to the meeting where she had a "listening", "sharing" and Q@A session with her priests and Clergy. We also learn that she thinks that the Centurion and his sick servant we see in the Bible were a gay couple and thus it ok to have gay marriage. Something I never heard before.

Anyway it is interesting and somewhat funny( you might as as use humor when things are tragic) recount of the meeting. GO to the The Deacon's Slant and his post Bishop Shori's Visit to Dallas


plsdeacon said...

Hi James,

Just a minor correction. The priests and deacons of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas are not the Presiding Bishop's. They are the Bishop of Dallas' priests and deacons. Bishop Schori has to have Bishop Stanton's permission to do anything church related in his diocese. Thanks be to God that she does not have metropolitian, primatial, or papal powers.

Phil Snyder

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest shit I have ever read.