Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Know You are In Louisiana When Prom Dresses Go.....

Tip of the hat to the The Dead Pelican that brings us this story from the Alexandria Town Talk.

Camo blends in at proms

By RT Morgan (318) 487-6346

Shonda Seals, 18, wanted yellow.
Her boyfriend, Derrick Lambert, 17, had another idea: camouflage.

Heeding his suggestion, Seals will don a flowing, camouflage dress for her senior prom at Montgomery High School. To match her, Lambert will sport a camo vest. Seals admitted it took her mother a little while to accept the choice of dress.

"It's not ugly, just different," Seals said last week as she modeled the dress in Formals Etc.
Asked his opinion, Lambert said, "I love it. She looks great."

Seals and Lambert are not alone in their choice of tree-mimicking, formal wear.
Formals Etc. has manufactured 76 camouflage dresses in the past month, the same amount of time they've been offering the wood-inspired gowns, Kaeryn Bass said. Bass designs and makes the special-order dresses, which come in a few different patterns.

The store's orders range from proms to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. And the Formals Etc. customer base isn't just Central Louisiana. Bass noted customers in Virginia, Nebraska and Arizona.
"To be different" was her reason why women are choosing camo.

"All brides are looking for something different," she explained. "It's a big thing to be different."
While nobody has mentioned it by name, Bass said some women are probably getting ideas from My Redneck Wedding, a bridal show that airs on CMT.
It's an inspiration that Seals mentioned when explaining her dress. She also cited Montgomery's reputation for being a popular, outdoor-sports location.

Lambert said now that he and Seals are going camo, all of his friends are envious.
"They think it's original," he said. "They all want it."
And while all of Lambert's friends may want it, they're not going to. That's because Formals Etc. makes sure it sells only one camouflage dress per girl per school.
As for getting it at another store, Bass said that may be a problem, as well. There aren't other stores she knows of that make or sell dresses similar to Formals Etc. A niche market "which we've been looking for," Bass confessed.

And while camouflage material can be purchased at Hancock Fabric, she explained, it was either a heavy cotton or denim. Camouflage fabric used by Formals Etc. is a light, satin material.

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