Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update for April 30th

I was out of town yesterday so there was no Louisiana Catholic Blog update. I last posted in the wee hours of Monday Morning. So these are entries since then our Louisiana Catholic blogs have been doing

The Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has a nice post here called Doctors of the Church

Catholic Tube has The Daily Offering and Don’t Call Me A Saint(which is Dorothy Day)

Full Circle has a cool idea here. Go see Working on an iPhone rosary. He also has Why do so many Catholics not know their faith?

Thy Nose to the Marble. has what I suspect is a funny vid ( I have no speakers on the computer I am currently at) because it come from the Onion News Network Go see it here

Catholic Underground, The Louisiana Catholic Blogcast to the world has CU Special #5: For the Parousians About to Rock, We Salute You.

Apprentice of St. Joseph has got An Open Letter to the Folks at U.S. Catholic . How many times I wished I sent that letter. I really wish libraries would quit carry that magazine. Does anyone really like it?

The Lake Charles Latin Mass Society has a reminder of a LATIN MASS(1962 form) that will had for the Feast of the Ascension this Sunday in the Lake Charles area. Go see Reminder

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Author Fiesta and The Beauty of Windows. She also on a personal note gives us an Update on Shop

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his daily meditation here at Feast of Pope Saint Pius V (30 Apr 2008)

Thoughts & Ruminations of Father Ryan has the Papal Prayer Intentions for May 2008

Alive and Young has Run for Vocations . That is a great idea and I hope a lot of take part. I shall be doing that later and signing up!! Also see Miley Being Edgy and Science a Figment of Human Imagination

Footprints on the Fridge has been busy. Go see On Being Intentional: Routine, The Liturgical Tree: Ascension and Pentecost and A Week Worth Celebrating

From The Recamier has her daily update here She starts out with the saints of the day for the last time she updated which was April 28th. They are Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, priest (died 1716) and Peter Chanel, priest and martyr (died 1841) She hits all kinds of other fun stuff

Lastly The Brown Pelican has a ton of links and news. I have to leave a tad early to go the store so I can't link them all today. But be sure to check them out.

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