Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting Your Blog Going for McCain

The McCain for President posts shall be going up on the dear ole blog. I have not done a ton of McCain promotion because
(1) I was a big Huckabee Supporter and a Tad Burned Out after the Primary
(2) Most People and Republicans needed a Tad of a Break after a tough Primary Season
(3) I wanted to concentrate on the Papal Visit.

Well it is time to move forward

I shall have some resources that I am going to start building today as to McCain and our efforts to get him elected in 08. Look for those in the sidebar. Needless to say The Catholic voter and McCain will be a focus here.

The Pink Flamingo is a blog I shall be referencing a good bit. She has a good link here at the top of her entry to a article she wrote that has some resources A Quick Guide for Would-Be John McCain Volunteers

Check it out

Further I would like to explore the possibility of a Forming a Catholics for McCain Group here in Louisiana. I would envision this group would be active at Louisiana Events perhaps with a booths and passing out literature and thus could work in concert with what the Catholics for McCain national committee will be trying to do. More on this later if I can find some interest in starting the groundwork for it.

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