Monday, April 28, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For April 28th!!!!

I might be out of town for a good part of Monday. Therefore I am doing the Louisiana Catholic Blogger update a tad early. I usually on Monday hit the posts our great Louisiana Catholic bloggers did over the weekend. SO here we go.

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group is Still Busy but he has a good link on Newman you should go too until he gets back to regular posting tonight.

Catholic Tube - Catholic Videos and News has Cardinal Arinze on Theology of the Body

From The Recamier has her post up for the day. She hits on a good bit. Including a Naval tragedy that occurred during the civil war that hardly no one recalls. However I suppose that horrible war had the effect of making the horrible and even the heroic easy to forget because so much happened.. Our good Catholic blogger works in a casino by the way and relates a incident at work in her entry today.. I am always amazed at Casino workers, I am not a big gambler but I go with friends that gamble bcause well so I can drink for free and listen too some good bands without cover.

My friends get annoyed with me because after a hour I keep asking if they won enough so we can go eat for free. They then give me ten or so dollars to pay the slots to get me out of their hair. I just really do slots. I am so afraid I will do something wrong and have a pit boss scold me that I get nervous doing anything else. By the way at least in Shreveport all the Pitt Bosses look like they came from the cast of the Sopranos that even makes me more nervous. My good girl friend went on a streak on blackjack and I swear I felt we had every eye in the sky looking at us.. Anyway how Casino folks keep up with all that stuff I never know. It seems so complicated and then you have to do it with a smile!!! She has bought the The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living: A Loving Look at the Lighter Side of the Catholic Faith, with Recipes for Feasts and Fun so I am hoping for a review soon. Anyway she has a lot of cool stuff so read her entry.

Life on the (L)edge , who is our Catholic Deacon from New Orleans, has a great post here I want to give a great AMEN too. Go see TO BE OR NOT TO BE... CATHOLIC, THAT IS . I never understand Catholics that want to remain Catholics but pervert the faith. At least Protestants are more honest and have the guts to act on their convictions and leave!!!! Who will be judged to be the better Christian. I have my my own ideas

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has a lot of nice pics at Saturday Morning. Please read her post Ban Human Cloning in Louisiana

Thoughts & Ruminations of Father Ryan from always wonderful Diocese of Alexandria has some posts up. By the way I am going to be in his area soon so I shall give a full report on his Homily skills :) at one of Louisiana most historic churches and towns, Go see The Governor of Alaska is a witness to Pro-Life and Christian Love. He has G. K . Chesterton here.

Apprentice of St. Joseph , yeah a Catholic blogger in my Diocese, has been busy. Go see Sunday Scripture: "I Will Not Leave You Orphans" . Then go see Interview with the Blogger . I very much enjoyed his entry Personal Testimony . By the way this blogger is doing a lot of good educational work in a Parish here in Louisiana. So please give him a visit

Vox Feminae is sadly leaving Louisiana soon to go to Texas. However she will be going to the general Catholic links so her posts will still be a feature on here. Like in much of life her leaving the Bayou state is our loss and is Texas gain. However through her gift of sacred music she has touched lives that will leave an imprint. May someone take her place. She is going to to the big Dallas/Worth Metroplex and she stopped off at the Cathedral of Forth Worth as she is house hunting. She has blessed with us with a ton of pictures here at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ft. Worth, TX , and More photos... St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ft. Worth, TX . Did you know they still did Cattle Drives sown downtown Ft. Worth? Well they do. Go see her post Longhorn cattle drive .

Alive and Young our Expat Catholic Louisiana blogger has several fun post as usual. I really like this post here at Dave Brubeck and the Mass . He has another Not Said By Jesus Sunday . See also Jenny and Tyler and Movie Review: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Anthony , Holly, and Elijah in Missions has a great post Abstinence Training Weekend . I really encourage people especially Louisiana folk to read this entry. These are our Louisiana based missionaries and they are basing a program on what what we are doing here. Perhaps we Louisiana folks should take of our own and SEND THEM A DONATION.

By the way I am so pumped. When I do the Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update I just go through the list. I get to Footprints on the Fridge and what do I see? She is involved with doing a fundraiser for our missionary blogger s above :). Go see For Our Missionary Friends. Just imagine what a couple of Youth Groups or Knights of Columbus Councils can do for out friends in Grenada :)

Thy Nose to the Marble. of Father Decker from the Diocese of Baton Rouge has a entry up under his April 26th entry.

Last but not least is The Brown Pelican Society. He will be doing the Monday update within a hour of this post submission so please check all his important posts out

If I missed anyone I will catch you Tuesday!!!

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