Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Considering Nuclear Power Again

Vox Nova has a nice piece on Patrick Moore, a cofounder of Greenpeace and his thoughts on Nuclear Power. Go see Considering Nuclear Power. I really get frustrated with what appears to be the slow progress of this here in the U.S. I thought the fact that a lot of Nuclear race could be recycled is interesting.

There has been some controversy In Nevada , because many do not want that mountain site they have to be the prime disposal site. This might be holding it up. What I don't understand is if the Federal Govt owns it why are still having this debate. We have been having it for way over a decade. I am all for Federalism but to be honest the State of Louisiana cannot tell Barksdale Air force base to remove all the nuclear weapons because they don't like them. I often think a deal should be made. Plants that make seawater into fresh water require lots of energy. Nevada s facing a water crisis. We build the water plant and pipe in all the freshwater they need from the Pacific and they store the waste.

This is not the only thing holding matters up but I think it is a factor

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Anonymous said...

People are afraid of the fumes and exhaust created by coal power-plants. Wind and solar power is unreliable and inefficient.

But they don't want nuclear because they a) equate it with nuclear weapons and b) don't want to put the waste anywhere.

People (especially environmental activists and global warming believers) need to realize that everything comes with a price.

Take your pick.