Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Would the Church Fathers Think About Pro- Abort Politicians?

The various open Pro-Choice American politicians that took Communion at the recent Papal Masses has open up the floodgates again as to this issue.

I must tell you it is tempting to think that these politicians knew this would happen and are doing this to attract attention to themselves. I have no proof of that and it is indeed dangerous to try to get into a person minds and make various conclusions about intent. Still I wonder.

Father Z has what looks like a interesting post and podcast on this called PODCAzT 54: Pro-Abortion Politicians and Communion; St. Ambrose and Emperor Theodosius

Vox Nova got into it and the comments sections are lively here

The Anchoress touches on this at Rudy, Novak & taking Communion and Rudy, Novak, etc, (cont.). Again the comments on her posts should be looked at

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