Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catholic Obama Supporters Proposing Legislation Obama Will Never Endorse

Douglas W. Kmiec , a distinguished Catholic Jurist, that went from Romney advisor to Promoting Obama to Catholics in one fell swoop had a incredible piece up at Slate called Resolving Obama's paradox – constructively meeting the abortion “clash of absolutes”

Basically it proposes that Obama adopt the 95/10 proposal that he says has the goal of reducing abortion by 95 percent in 10 years. The first problem is that those measures will not reduce abortion 95 percent in ten years. Second does anyone think that a person that supported basically the right to Infanticide is going to support things like Parental Consent and objective information about fetal development.? Why not write a article on how Obama should endorse legislation prohibiting abortion in the last trimester? Both are in the land of OZ and will never happen.

Inside Catholic points out the obvious problems with this line of reasoning at Kmiec, the eternal optimist and how even Mr Kmiec got the proposal wrong at Kmiec is wrong.

Also see Resolving Kmiec's Paradox and Kmiec's Wishful Thinking on Obama and Abortion

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