Monday, April 28, 2008

How Omaha (and the Midwest) affects Louisiana

No we are not talking about the baseball College World Series in Omaha and LSU wanting so bad to get back there.

The always provocative Louisiana expat Mighty Favog discuses this at Living on the Death Star

I truly think people outside Louisiana think we are a bunch of complainers with our hand out. That is why can't yall just fix it and be normal like the rest of the nation. Louisiana Bashing is a easy thing to do.

Yet many of our problems cannot be fixed by ourselves because they are truly national Problems that require a national Solution!!! He touches on Coastal erosion but also brings up another point when he says:
we can crap on your seafood industry with the tons and tons of chemical fertilizers we dump into the watershed to grow more corn that will go not into hungry people's stomachs but, instead, into more ethanol that will go into our SUVs' gas tanks.

Now I do not want to talk about the ethics of Ethanol. However 99 percent of the country does not realize that all that fertilizer that is used for crops to feed the nation and indeed the world goes someplace!! It does not just sit there but much of it goes into the Mississippi River and thus off our Coast. Creating a huge dead zone that is not only killing fish life but killing us in Louisiana in many ways!!! It appears with Farmers wanting and needing to plant every acre they can the problem will get bigger.

Because we have such weak(number wise) Congressional delegation we can't get any movement on this problem.

It is indeed frustrating I don't think it is intentional neglect or malice from our Sister states. I just think they are clueless. If Americans realized what a National Security issue this Coastal erosion problem was there would be immediate action. You Can't get the gas and oil out of the gulf if there is no liveable land for people to live and raise families. Katrina and Hurricane Rita should have brought this home to the nation. However sadly it was not broadcast because for some reason the worldwide media could not locate a roadmap it seems to find their way out of New Orleans.

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