Friday, April 25, 2008

A Blogger Goes Sees McCain In New Orleans and Comes Back McCheering

John McCain was in New Orleans and later Baton Rouge yesterday. I am going to review the coverage if anything jumps out I shall do another post. McCain spoke the Catholic University Xavier in New Orleans in a town hall format. Let me say there is some indication this event was not well publicized. I hope that is not a problem we are encountering on a consistent basis.

Anyway this blogger that lives across the Lake from New Orleans went and came back on fire!!! It is a interesting account. Go see McImpressed & McCheering He hit on a buch of topics it appears that sadly is not coming accross in the local papers.

I am glad that McCain came to New Orleans. I understand why he needs to go. However while we are sort of in this "down time" I hope McCain makes it back to Louisiana and goes somewhere else. He really needs to hit parts of the South and North that might be wavering. I think McCain hitting areas of Democrat Congressman Charlie Melancon district and talking about Coastal erosion,.the gulf dead zone, energy issues would be very productive.


Matt said...

Let's see if this blogger is so wild about McCain after McCain's temper-tantrum over 527s and other orgs getting involved in any political election speech.

The person who wants to destroy bloggers is the very person that blogger loves.


James H said...

I think many of course oppose McCain efforts as to his view of Campaign Finance refor, I also think many are aware of those views.

However there are far more areas of aggreement

James H said...

Oh by the way I added your site to the links

Greta Perry said...

Ya - I still am McFired up! I hope his other events are better publicized than this was.