Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Catholic Comedian Apologist

I have never heard of this guy. Zenit news agency has a nice story on guy at Stand-up Apologist; Best of the 1800s-John Zmirak Called to Be Church's Comedian

Catholic Insight had a post on him just about a month and half ago here at Funny and Effective . This is a pretty funny repsonce to the 1000th Catholics practices are pagans claim:
In the late 19th century, scholarly skeptics such as Sir James Frazer attempted to explain away the uniqueness of Christianity by finding precedents for its practices among the pagan cults. Unsurprisingly, they looked to the cannibalistic custom of the Baccantes as the origin of the Eucharist. We must admit the close resemblance: whenever we attend a bloodless offering of bread and wine conducted by a celibate Irishman, our thoughts turn to gangs of naked Greek women, roaring drunk, gouging flesh out of passersby with their fingernails. It's positively distracting, some Sundays.


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