Friday, April 25, 2008

Will Obama Make More People Cynical About Politics?

I think he will. I have noted that I find Obama and his proclamation that he doing a new way of politics very suspect.

Whether it is Obama playing politics as usual with trade as I mentioned in or his supporters talk about pro-life leaning legislation that he will never support.

On that last issue Ross Souchat throws more cold water on the "Obama will listen and Understand Pro-life concerns" at The Audacity of the Party Line

He also talks about the irony that people might become more cynical not less with Obama. Go see The Pundits And The People

What makes this rich is that John McCain that has suffered real political wounds for "reaching out" to people , and that Hillary Clinton that gets great marks at times for working with Republicans that tried to impeach her husband are both viewed as the "old way" the destructive way.

As Ross states:
None of this is terribly surprising, given the landscape of today's Democratic Party - Hillary Clinton is likewise a FOCA sponsor, needless to say - but it's a useful reminder of the limits of what Steve Sailer likes to call Obama's "I have understood you" appeal to people with whom he disagrees. It's an approach to politics that's sustainable only up till the moment when platitudes have to give way to actual policy making, and as such it has the capacity to breed even greater disillusionment with government (by raising expectations and then dashing them) than the up-front partisanship it seeks to vanquish.

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