Friday, April 25, 2008

Real Presence? What say the Fathers? (with Great pics)

Hallowed Ground -Traditional Catholic Visualism is one of my favorite blogs to go too. Where he digs up these old pictures I never know.

He has several good recent posts and it is tempting to me to give them all each a unique entry.

First go see Real Presence? What say the Fathers? Great stuff.

I was struck by two other entries though. Go see Judged by a Babe which has a quote from the mighty Church Father of the East St. John Chrysostom on abortion and a painting of him I have never seen

One other post of his I found I find intriguing was Romanism!… Uh,um,Well maybe not. This involves the old custom of carrying the Pope around. The pictures from the Eastern Churches are striking. I find this post intriguing because it reminds of another post I saw last year on some UK priest blog.

On that blog there was a entry about how the Eastern Orthodox were a tad upset that the Bishop of Rome had got rid of the Crown like miter. Though it looks so out of date to our American eyes many Eastern Orthodox Bishops took offense that this was being well suppressed. I found these pictures intriguing because again we Western Christians just forget and well are ignorant of our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters. Pope John Paul the II correctly called our separated breathen the second lung of the Church. When we are talking about ecumenical dialogue it should be remembered that the Eastern Orthodox are our first priority.

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