Sunday, April 27, 2008

Congrats LSU's Early Doucet- Drafted to the Cardinals

The above picture is one one my favorite of this past season. Early(on the right) and QB Matt Flynn(on the left) were best friend on and off the field. In fact they are so close they were nicknamed salt and pepper. Anyway I thought this captured a great pregame moment between Flynn and Early. If people recall after Doucet got injured our Offensive Line just started doiing weird crap like jumping offsides all the time. I think this picture was taken when he Docuet was able to play again. Needless to say Flynn was more relaxed when Doucet got back and Doucet had a calming effect on the line and the other young recievers. All was good when he came back.

Congrats Early!!!! I think it is a odd team for him to go too. He was the 81st pick of the draft. I thought he would go late in the second round but anyway I am glad he off the boards. COngrats Early!! Geauz Tigers.

I shall have a mega post on Louisiana players (not just LSU) that got drafted later today

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