Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama Supporters Still Denying Reality

Sorry for the lack of post today. I pretty much felt like CRAP but as usual as I recover more at night.

I have been glued to the post election coverage. Obama supporters are in denial. It is all about winning. People are not donating to Hillary in huge numbers because they think she has no shot.

As a Republican ,I want Obama to be our opponent. I think McCain has a much better chance beating him than Hillary.

Hillary for instance has a chance of putting my home state of Louisiana in play. Obama does not.
Hillary , much like her husband, can make a play for that blue collar vote in the Lake Charles, the blue dog democrat Cajun Catholic vote, that Huey Long Populist vote in the northern part of the state , those very religious Pentecostals in the middle part of the state that just loved her husband in the past.. Obama beside the black vote gets kids at Tulane.

Why did Bus in 2004? Because Bush put more states into play for him and thus made the Dems spend precious time and resources defending their home turf. Time and resources they needed to spend elsewhere. An Obama races creates the same dynamic

From the New York Times hilarious panic driven Op-ed this morning to thousands of Obama fans on forums I hear- Hillary Just go away. The problem is people are enjoying this voting thing. Everyone complains that Americans are not involved in these primaries and just a few decide and now some want to end it.

Last night we were treated to the fun sideshow of Cable News pundits pretending they knew about the various demographics of Indiana. Indiana who ever thinks of them. They don't even play One Day At A Time anymore on tv as reruns!!! Remember Schneider!!!!!

Besides Car Races and Peyton Manning if you asked me about Indiana I would have not clue. I have to remember that Notre Dame is actually located there. Besides that I know the Copperhead movement that opposed Lincoln was huge and that Klan controlled state govt for a time back in the bad ole days. This is not a slam on Indiana but this is all that is coming to mind at the moment

It is one of those States that no doubt contribute a whole much to the nation but many of us sort of forget. It is ordinary folks that make this country run and now they very well might shall decide who the next President might be,

Harold Ford , who is a very good southern black politician from Tennessee just had one piece of advice to Obama I read today. Just win Indiana. If Obama wins Indiana he can stop the bleeding. After that is West Virginia and Kentucky!!! Does Obama want Hillary to remind voters she can win West Virgina(a state that Dems want back) and Obama cannot not!!! I don't think so. Hillary winning Indiana, West VA, and Kentucky in short order reminds democrats that those are states that perhaps could be in play. Especially the last two.

Hillary in the end has a strong argument. Obama being still sort of a green politician is showing his weakness. Hillary got her Bachelors in Arkansas Politics, her Masters in the White House, and her PHD in New York. She can win it and unless Obama stops her in in Indiana she very might win. Obama winning North Carolina is no big deal because Hillary 's loss has already been factored in.

Obama still is the one likely to win. However I don't think Obama supporters have quite figured out that Clinton's odds have gone up. Americans like fighters not complainers in their politicians.

First for Obama to win his supporters need to quit crying. For the last week I heard more about how Obama folks thought ABC and that debate was not fair than about Obama. Needless to say both Clinton and McCain have long got past their own feelings about such things. Politics is not beanbag. If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen


Anonymous said...

Do you really think, that Mr. Clinton has a good shot at winning your state? I know Mr. Clinton won your state, but things were different.


James H said...

I think McCain would keep it. But depending ont he stater of the economy ti could come into play.

THought it likes to votes Republican it is still very dem in places