Friday, April 25, 2008

The Opposition to the Columbian Free Trade Deal Is Amazing

Any Louisiana politician that is against the Columbia Free Trade Agreement should be run out on a rail. In fact any politician in the USA period should be strongly questioned on this

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a great post The Columbian Free Trade Agreement vs. the Democrats’ Anti-American Partisan Politics on this subject.

The problem is those opposing it know better. Especially Obama and Hillary. If there was one thing that made me realize that Obama talk of representing a "new kind of politics" is a bunch of BS it is his opposition to this trade agreement. He is basically feeding into American's current fear of trade aggreements. John McCain is not by the way.

The usual suspects on the right by the way are involved too. They know better also. They are using fear and ignorance to try to score points.

As the above blogger points out even New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin gets it!!!

Louisiana will be a huge beneficary as well as the rest of the country. Louisiana with the connect to the trade port in Kansas City and such assets as the Port of New Orleans, the Port of lake Charles, and the Port of Shreveport are all in the perfect position to take advantage of this.

What is frustrating is that the Speaker of the House knows better. In fact there were encouraging signs early this year that the WHite House and she were making great progress on this. However, election year politics now enters the equation.

IF Hillary and Obama make another visit to Louisiana soon, I hope that Democrat supporters question them strongly on this issue.

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