Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peggy Noonan Bush Derangement Syndrome Continues

Bush Derangement Syndrome is often found on the left. However on the right it exists too in some quarters. Just last week on her column on the Pope she could not resist her weekly criticism at President Bush.

This week she is at in full force again in her weekly column. Following Noonan on Bush the last eight years this nothing new. I have no idea what Bush did to Noonan that offended her but he has been paying for it ever since. Powerline looks at this latest column at Season of the witch

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Patm said...

Noonan went sour on Bush right after he DIDN'T make her is press secy at the start of his second term.

And she is embarrassing and absurd here, carrying on about the poor middle aged women who are being imposed upon by Bush. Blame the terrorists.