Sunday, April 27, 2008

Louisiana Tech Fans In Shock. Legend Leon Barmore to Baylor

As someone said to me at Mass this morning about this and I quote "Sweet Tap Dancing Moses" what a sad day. My Presbyterian Parents told me this was the topic during Sunday School this morning

Louisiana Tech Fans and much of North Louisiana are talking of the stunning news that Former Louisiana Tech Women's basketball Coach Leon Barmore is going to be an Asst Coach under former Techster Kim Mulkey at Baylor. This also opens up the old wound and anger by many Tech Fans toward the Tech administration that did not hire Mulkey when they had the chance. President Dan Reneau no doubt did not have a pleasant morning at Church this morning

Needless to say it is melt down mode in some quarters. I am still in shock. However I think many, including myself, will wish Barmore all the luck in the world

The News Star World has TECHSTER SHOCKER: Leon Barmore joins Kim Mulkey's staff at Baylor.

ESPN has Ex-Louisiana Tech coach Barmore joins Mulkey's staff at Baylor

The Louisiana Tech's Women's Basketball - Leon Barmore's Legacy board is the place to watch for news and reaction. As I have mentioned before there are some people in the know on this board and I would be watching it.

Threads they have up right now on this subject
Announcement Tonight There

I'll tell you what...

My stomach turns

Oh this is just not a dang bit funny

misguided anger and frustration

Baylor fans are talking about on their own board here. More here from a Baylor point of view.

Needless to say on ESPN Sports Talk Radio 97.7 this will be the main topic on Monday. Tech fans might want to tune too the sports show Fox and Company starting at 3 pm Central via the net if you are not in the local area. I expect some fireworks by the callers

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